On "criticality"
The one thing that will set our analyses of Korean society and culture apart from the increasing number of Buzzfeed-style pieces of pop ethnography and armchair anthropology getting produced about Korea is a theoretically focused criticality. This criticality is ideally composed of equal parts structural analysis to provide a crucial context of understanding, an experience and praxis-based, real-life handle positioned about where the theoretical rubber hits the road, and a concrete, personalized grounding in the realm of actual, human experience. In this sense, we want our analyses, along with our content, no matter how potentially heady and possibly theory-laden, to "keep it real." Hence, our multiple channels of media through which we offer and introduce content on Korea will, by existing, themselves be engaged in the effort to  bridge the gap between experience and its investigation, theory and practice, the academy and "the real world," academic presentation and the abiity to be consumed and digested by the laity.